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The Resolution - shadowillow

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January 11th, 2007

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07:03 am - The Resolution

My New Year's Resolution was to work on myself. What have I done thus far?

Gym 3 days in a row
Initial psych eval yesterday
Next appt scheduled
Begin meds in 2 weeks

I really need a hobby once the wedding is over. The gym isn't a hobby, it's a chore that is required to keep me from hating myself. Knitting is something I would like to pick up again. Photography is the other thing. I want a digital camera, and not a point-and-click. I want to be able to play around like I did in photography class. Some of my favorite memories of this last spring were wandering around at Deepwood with Erin, learning how to take a decent picture. I'd also like to get down to see Mari on a monthly basis, and hopefully get in a ride at the barn.

I have my review in an hour. Joy. He said to not get nervous, it's positive. I have no idea what to expect, as rumors have been whirling around here like crazy. So we'll see.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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