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Hello 2007 - shadowillow

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January 2nd, 2007

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07:01 am - Hello 2007
Back at work on this fine tuesday morning.....

I'm trying really hard to not mourn the loss of my warm cozy bed this morning. 
It's a short week. Not as short as last week, but not as long as the other 50. Hooray....

My hair is dark! 

I'm starting the year off by being more prepared and proactive. Before going to bed last night, I did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen (kind of). I folded two thirds of the laundry stack. I packed food for work today: baby carrots, red seedlesss grapes, a banana, two things of string cheese, and a roast beef sandwich on multi-grain bread with cream cheese instead of mayo. I transferred french onion soup from the freezer to the fridge, because we need to live like we're dirt poor the next month and live primarily off the frozen soups we've stockpiled. I packed my gym clothes into my bag.

Our dryer died last night. Fortunately, I live with a boy who is a genius and can fix anything. He identified the parts we need to replace, and we ran to Ace. We have to go to an appliance shop after work today for the second part, but after that, we're going to the gym!! I really feel the need today to go to the gym. I'm ready to get at it, and come hell or high water, I will make it. 

I have my initial psych eval on the 10th. And I think I've decided to take just the two-saturday spring gardening class for now. The landscape design can wait until after the wedding/honeymoon/etc. 

Oh, my mom asked me last night how I felt about living in Jefferson..... apparently there's a brand new subdivision. 4 br, 2 ba, 2 car garage, 199,000-210,000. Something to think about. 

In light of Erin's goal..... 
Positive Job Affirmation:
I'm usually left to my own devices

Positive Life Affirmation: 
I have very patient friends
Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: Matchbox 20

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